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Welcome to the Tutorials page where people want to know more things in Nightfire or different games that you don't know or fix the problems. On this page either you can read here, watch the video, or you can download the file as "Microsoft Document" to know more understand than here like full of information, some screenshots, helpful tips, etc... So when you read fully and understandable tutorials, you now know everything about becoming pro gamer, expert modding, and more!



You can read simple tutorials here.

Ahmed's Tutorials:

These tutorials are made by me.

How to reset game settings "without Reset Controls in game":

This tutorial shows you how to reset game settings "without Reset Controls in game" if you have problems with the buttons. Also this is a best solution for players to fix their problems founded by me.

Note: Some binds you made will be deleted! Or your name will be reset to "New Agent" name. Make sure backup the old "Config.cfg" if you want to copy your binds to the new "Config.cfg" after you finished tutorial if you are expert player. Or ignore this note if you want to reset everything back to default.

Alright first, if you're on the desktop, double click "My Computer" and stay where you are don't go any folders, then go to this one click here to see screenshot then type this one %localappdata% then hit Enter on your keyboard and it will teleport you to Appdata folder, then find folder called "Gearbox Software", double click it, then "Nightfire", and then "bond", then you see this Config.cfg, delete it, then now play Nightfire game, go to "Options", then you see "Reset Controls", click it (this will reset settings to default just in case if there's still problem without click "Reset Controls".) and then now your settings have been reset to completely default! Most games probably have the same file called "Config.cfg" if you want to fix it instead Nightfire game, but it is not from "Gearbox Software".

If you still don't understand this tutorial? Then I will make a video soon. (Ignore this one if your problem has been fixed.).

This tutorial will fix:

1. Mouse problem. If you move your mouse up or down or maybe left or right, your character will move forward or backward or left or right instead aiming your character up or down or left or right because this issue when you play the game with 1.0 but with your current settings from new patch (5.0 or newer), most settings from 1.0 may corrupt (tested by me). But now with this tutorial, it will fix your mouse problem, you can now aim anywhere instead of walking. (Though I tested "Reset Controls" without the tutorial, it won't fix it, so this tutorial is best for you to fix it.).

2. Missing commands. Some commands are missing for example Tab button which allows you to see team or players lists, but the command is missing, or walking commands are missing. But now with this tutorial, it will reset from missing commands ("Reset Controls" in game will probably fix the missing commands without the tutorial.)


Video Tutorials:

You can watch video tutorials here if you don't understand to read or lazy to read tutorials.

Ricecooker's tutorials:

This is the best tutorial for all players want to know how to be a professional skills like pro players. Here are two videos on How To Get Good At Nightfire Part 1 and 2. The first one is how to aim perfectly to kill players and the second one is how to pjump basic, and then you will know how to pjump without grapple. Please note that these videos aren't using with patch 5.0 or newer, he is using the old 1.0 version.



After you finished the tutorial, you can choose these parts and skip ahead to what you have chosen different part if you want to repeat the tutorial again.

1. Setting up your game 0:50

2. Aiming techniques 7:30

3. Aiming while in combat 14:37

4. Defense 21:26

5. Gadgets 24:48



(Ignore the kid, it just a funny intro.) 


After you finished the tutorial, you can choose these parts and skip ahead to what you have chosen different part if you want to repeat the tutorial again. 

1. Methods to start pjump 2:48

2. Maintaining pjump 5:45