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Many Custom Maps are available now. Enjoy!


My Maps: My custom maps.


Caviar day! Now it is afternoon. This is a beta map, some shadows are bug, but I fixed some shadows bug. Enjoy! Download

Other Maps: Other custom maps.

News - 25 December 2014:

"The custom maps website '' is back! Admin renewed his/her domain. You can now download custom maps from it.' (Unfortunately, once again, the website was probably down, and it was not found.)

If you want to auto-download custom maps in game, then all you have to do is to download the latest patch on Then, when you see a server with custom map, join it and wait until the download finish. And then, when the download is finished, you have now a custom map instead of downloading custom maps by yourself! Some new maps can't download if a player made a new map, and it hasn't been there on website yet.

Stefan maps:

This is my friend Stefan from CIA Member. We were friends before, but I haven't seen him until now. I understand that he quit the game because old CIA Clan died, or the game is old. I uploaded his maps from here because his maps are fun.

DM_Boring_old: Download 

DM_DVSmap: Download 

DM_DVS_x-mas_edition: Download

DM_Platbox: Download

DM_Racing_maps: Download 

DM_Sandsearch: Download

DM_Stefangold: Download 

DM_Swimmingroom: Download

CTF_Grassfight: Download


Made by Stefan again. Bigfall maps are really big, and you're about to fall to the ground. Careful!

DM_Bigfall: Download

First map of Bigfall.

DM_Bigfall2: Download

Second map of Bigfall, more stuff.

DM_Bigfall3: Download

Third map of Bigfall, hidden secrets for toggling lights, a little bit dark, two floors, more big, and more power ups.

DM_Bigfall4: Download

Fourth map of Bigfall, more fun, added ladder, again secrets, again two floors, and more guns.

DM_Bigfall5:  Download

Fifth map of Bigfall, more huge map, more and more objects, "warning huge falls!", and look like a house.

DM_Bigfall_Casino: Download

The casino theme of Bigfall.


Upload maps: Did you make your new maps? Do you want to upload here? Sure! Simple, send your maps to my E-mail (you can find it below), so I will upload here soon!


Ehrgeiz's Maps: Here are Ehrgeiz's maps. They are awesome!

Latest Ehrgeiz's maps:

Ehr's House Map:

Ehrs_House_Beta4: Download


SGU Destiny Map:

SGU_Destiny_beta2: Download

IMPORTANT NOTE! (This note is for new players only, don't read this if you're an expert at the game.)
As Ehrgeiz said, mp_allowcharacters 1 must be on. To open it, open the console by pressing the "` back quote or ~ tilde" button on your keyboard near by "1". Then write "mp_allowcharacters 1" without quotes to appear NPC. And then, it should be now appear NPC after you restart the map.
Also, to play this map because it doesn't have name like "DM_SGU_Destiny_beta1" which it doesn't appear on the multiplayer select map menu, again open the console and write "map SGU_Destiny_beta1" without quotes, and then you are now on a map.

This file has 20.2 MB (21,185,032 bytes). The download may take a long time to finish if you have a slow internet. There's no problem about the map. Unless the map will drop the fps if you have an old computer. I haven't tested this map on my old computer which isn't confirmed whether it will crash or not, but you can test it and post on guestbook if it crashes the Nightfire game.


Old Ehrgeiz's maps:

Ehr's House Map:

Ehrs_House_Beta and M8_Missile01: Download

Ehrs_House_Beta2: Download

Ehrs_House_Beta3: Download


SGU Destiny Map:

SGU_Destiny_beta1: Download
Description by Ehrgeiz.
"All right guys, here it is! My newest map! Some of you may know what this map is based off of. If you recognize the name of the map, then you probably know what it is. For those of you that don't, it will be a great surprise! I worked very hard on this map. So please, don't cheat to find secrets by using noclip or wireframe. It's not quite finished yet. There are still are a lot of stuff that I want to add. But for now, it's ready to be played. The map is quite large, for those of you with older computers may have to load the map a few times before you can actually get in. But it works for my 2002 computer so it should work for anyone else's computer. Well, I hope you all enjoy my map!

Oh yes, for this map, make sure mp_allowcharacters 1 is on."


This file has 9.60 MB (10,070,238 bytes), so the download will finish earlier. There's no problem about the map. Unless the map will make your computer slow if you have an old computer as Ehrgeiz said.

SGU_Destiny_beta1a: Download Read first before you download.
Description by Ehrgeiz.
"Hey guys, this is an update to my Destiny map. It’s not a beta2 map, so not much has changed. I’ve added a few new things like healing water. I’ve also updated the sounds so that it uses more realistic Stargate sounds. Anyway, I hope you guys like the new sounds. Oh yeah, if the piano song is too soft, you can download a different song below that should be louder."

New Piano Song: Download


This file has 37.7 MB (39,578,173 bytes). The download may take a long time to finish if you have a slow internet. There's no problem about the map. Unless the map will drop the fps if you have an old computer. And it will probably crash the Nightfire game if you have an 1 GB RAM or lower (tested by me on my old computer).

Waypoint maps (Bots): I fixed or added a new waypoint, so the bots can play normal in custom maps.


Not Available.