King-Ahmed's Mods, Models, Maps, and more!!!


Here are the links. Enjoy!

Note: It is sad that most websites are frozen from R.I.P players' website.


My other websites:

(( I made Valve's model gold source and source converted to 007 Nightfire! All credits to Valve. ))


My Friend's website:

(( Ehrgeiz's website. Are you a fan of Stargate and James Bond as well? Imagine that combines Stargate and 007 Nightfire. Then you can play a Stargate map in 007 Nightfire made by Ehrgeiz! ))

(( Mark made his new mods, models and more. ))

(( Mohamed made his new maps. Available to download mods, or tools by other players. And more. ))


Other websites: 

(( Visit it to download a new latest patch version will fix everything, new features, and more in 007 Nightfire! )) 

(( Visit it to download and play your favorite an amazing game 007 Nightfire with Source Engine! ))

(It's all about Nightfire Community... Visit it to see news, new downloads, more links, useful tips and tricks, and more! Also visit forum to communicate with players, discussion, what's news about the game, and more! ))

(( Visit it to know who is the nicest player of the year in Nightfire! ))

(( It has Mods, Maps and Programs by UltimateSniper. A famous mod that he made AK47 from CS:S converted to Nightfire. So visit it and download them. Enjoy! ))

(( Ziyo made his bunch of amazing maps even he made his map on Counter Strike game too if you have that game. Download them and have fun! ))

(( It has Mods by their own clan. So you might miss their mods for a long time. Download them and enjoy! ))

(( Every player made a huge mods, maps, skins and more from different game on GameBanana. When you have a game like Nightfire or any games you have, why don't you go to it and download some of your favorite mods. Have fun! ))