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A scary horror mod theme Half-Life 2 called "Nightmare House 2" enjoy!

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  • Nightmare house 2: Alternate Ending
    by King-Ahmed on May 19, 2012 at 7:56 AM
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    This video is made by Masterofsomthin (YouTube Channel).

  • Nightmare house 2 Chapter 7: Requiem Par...
    by King-Ahmed on March 17, 2012 at 9:23 AM
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    This is Chapter 7 Requiem part 2 of FINAL BOSS!.. now whats this.. what kind of this thing. so he turn on, and dr.romero trying to kill him. he said that thing name core. for 1 min. the horrible zombie appear and 1 min appear again and so on.. this is puzzles.. so he trying to destroy all this wood and emily gives dream again... but watch this video.. enjoy the movie!!!.. too see bonus not happy ending without battle dr.romero.. click next to see ending bonus..

  • Nightmare house 2 Chapter 7: Requiem Par...
    by King-Ahmed on March 17, 2012 at 9:17 AM
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    This is Chapter 7 called Requiem but its part 1 and almost there final boss!.. so he waking up and his survive.. but swat not! he got hurt but soo painful..but his talking about dr.romero about this place.. so he said "His name is doctor Romero, find that asshole and waste him, Good luck." and his dead. now no more swat.. so he goes elevator. so dr.romero again. he said his not a murderer. the elevator stop in the main level.. later when elevator landing on main level.. he just want to escape.. but.. emily close the door and she said "im warning you...." so he get back to elevator and prepare to fight dr.romero.. so elevator going down soo fast. he enter the room. that room is for dr.romero.. he goes there romero bedroom, picture of family romero and emily.... he goes there down and what happend next?? see part 2 for final battle!! Enjoy the movie!.

  • Nightmare house 2 Chapter 6: Evac Part 2...
    by King-Ahmed on March 17, 2012 at 9:03 AM
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    This is Chapter 6 Evac but its part 2. still running.. but what happend? he got feel bad something.. even swat does. he had headache and his vision is blurred.. so again running and running... now the gate closed.. but he and swat will open the gate on security room. so he open the gate.. then they come back. but... what is he doing?? cause he had problem brain.. he's talking by nonsense.. so he get ready to shot.. and BAM! killed him.. now two swat left.. so they really need to get out before this place is getting worst!. they keep running again.. killing zombies again.. so when they're in ambulance car.. this guy swat needs catch his breath.. BUT OH NO! zombie killed him!! now one swat left!! now they're running and running!! but until now they're in helipad! finally they will go escape this place!. chopper will prepare for landing. but oh no... chopper doesn't feel good.. uh oh! chopper will gonna explode!! and... what happend next? see Chapter 7... Enjoy the movie!

  • Nightmare house 2 Chapter 6: Evac Part 1...
    by King-Ahmed on March 17, 2012 at 8:45 AM
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    This is Chapter 6 called Evac but its part 1.. so while he waking up.. there's swat! but they thought he's dead for sure, they found him right here, they no idea how he got here before them cause emily got him to this place.. so he get his weapons.. and health kit. so they will escape this place to they're chopper. so they're killing zombies... but the door locked.. so he goes to vent but he saw them again swat but what happend why swat has blood and bones.. again Emily did this.. so he will destroy the wood to unlock the door. damn again horrible zombie.. later. all zombies are dead and they're keep running. but what happend next? see part 2. Enjoy the movie!

  • Nightmare house 2 Chapter 5: Dead Signal...
    by King-Ahmed on March 17, 2012 at 8:30 AM
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    This is Chapter 5 called Dead Signal.. So this place is getting too dark... so his getting with flares.. well there's zombie engineer! but he finally got out of this dark place.. but the gate closed!! what happend!? so the announcer closed it but he thought it was emily.. so the gate open because to see if theres fire.. so he go again vent. while he fall why manequin has bones and flesh? but its gone and cause it was emily did.. so he saw him again dr.romero.. so he keeps running with dark place again.. but someone turns light on.. wait manequin again. but there's somethings wrong.. the manequins is really weird. they just follow him. and hey! there's swat! he wonder wheres they're swat group and where his guns?.. while he turn off all lights but swat thumbs up?! but while he enter.. damn its not swat! its manequin again.. so he saw him again helicopter but left!. uh oh fire!!! wait Emily!! but he go back and doors was closed.. uh oh again dream... he keeps walking.... and he saw her lying down. but she stands soo quickly, then she gives a memory for her to see her and her husband but wait her husband is dr.romero?!!! so dr.romero is murdered her! but he didnt know dr.romero murdered her. so he was lying down and theres zombie doctor! and.. oh my god.. his body is gone and theres bones.. and she disappear again.. what happend next? see Chapter 6 part 1. Enjoy the movie!

  • Nightmare house 2 Chapter 4: Operation
    by King-Ahmed on March 17, 2012 at 8:06 AM
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    This is Chapter 4 called Operation. He still keep running for a while.. but he sees helicopter! so he keeps running and running... so in the vent.. he sees swat too! but whats wrong with vent? theres somethings wrong.. i think emily did this! until now back and vent crash and fall. but swat sees him!. now swat will follow him and kill some zombies! hmm wait.. while the light off. theres one missing swat named johnson but what happend!? oh wait his in the vent but his dead.. so he get his machine gun (mp5). but who killed him?? did emily do this? or i think... its horrible fast zombie creature!. so they keep shooting on this horrible zombie.. but he fell down! so swat cant help him. he catch on them later.. what happend next? see Chapter 5.. enjoy the movie!

  • Nightmare house 2 Chapter 3: Maintenance...
    by King-Ahmed on March 17, 2012 at 7:51 AM
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    This is Chapter 3 called Maintenance.. While his dream is finished.. he fall down from nowhere.. well Emily did this to him.. this place from security room or just prison cell... but who's that there? is that swat! no swat is zombie.. his really strong but unfortunately.. he has armor vest and helmet. but he can kill him. He still follows her... until... again dream... but his back again.. now what happend next? see Chapter 4.. Enjoy the movie!

  • Nightmare house 2 Chapter 2: Exposure
    by King-Ahmed on March 17, 2012 at 7:41 AM
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    This is chapter 2 called Exposure.. The elevator doesn't look like safe... but he explore this place. but he saw someone alive! is it normal or is it... ZOMBIE!. Emily still followed him but He followed her too sometimes.. but Emily can control everything! like haunted.. but dr.romero tried him to escape.. well Emily can control him as well, is dream!. what happend next? see Chapter 3.. Enjoy the movie!

  • Nightmare house 2 Chapter 1: Rebirth
    by King-Ahmed on March 17, 2012 at 7:34 AM
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    This is chapter 1 called rebirth.. while he tried to escape on haunted house, he forgot about where did he get here... did Emily get him to this horrible place? or someone else?.. this is place called hospital.. he just try to escape again but emily was here too! she followed him.. sometimes if he saw her appear and disappear she will always say whisper quote.. and who's that man on the radio? in 7:45 he will introduce hisself.. his name dr.romero. his trying to help him to get out of this place! what happend next? see chapter 2.. Enjoy the movie! dont forget what i said on Prologue. watch full screen and very clear like HD and turn volume up!..

  • Nightmare house 2: Prologue a remake NM1...
    by King-Ahmed on March 17, 2012 at 7:22 AM
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    This is the first nightmare house 2 map called prologue a remake map of nightmare house 1 before starts first chapter of nightmare house 2. The haunted or control this horrible and terrify house by ghost girl named emily a murdered by her husband. Theres kind zombies (which from half life 2). the man which survive from his car crashed but he just check this house to see if someone help him but his very lonely.. so until he just kill zombies and run to car and what happend?? see nightmare house 2 to see what happend. Now before you watch... turn off the lights (if you want to..) then get pop corn! then watch very clear and fullscreen! (use 720p hd or 480p). and enjoy the movie..

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