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All of these dates are from U.A.E date. Hope you all understand.

05 January 2016

- My new background and my new header's King-Ahmed logo has been restored.

02 January 2016

- Released a new map "SGU_Destiny_beta2" made by Ehrgeiz! It is now available on "Maps" page.

01 January 2016

- Happy New Year!!! Today is 2016!

- Replaced my old background and my old header's King-Ahmed logo to my Happy New Year background and my header's Happy New Year logo for a limited time only made by me. My new background and my new header's King-Ahmed logo, which are same but slightly modified and became better than before, will restore on 05 January 2016.

17 December 2015

- I'm on vacation now! I finished my final exams, so I have time to play with you guys just 3 weeks!

31 August 2015

- Back to school... I won't be active until I'm on vacation after I finished whenever final exams start.

05 August 2015

- I'm back from Morocco! I'm still on vacation before my school starts.

07 July 2015

- Hey guys, I have to tell you that I won't be able to use the internet and play with you this month because I have a trip to go to Morocco. Unfortunately, there's no internet in my grandmother's house. So I'll be back on August 5th. See you later.

28 February 2015

- Changed the title of members on sidebar from "Newest Members" to "Members".

01 February 2015

- Improved background. Now, it stays if you scroll down or up except the title of "King-Ahmed".

10 January 2015

- Restored to my default background.

01 January 2015

- Happy New Year!!! Today is 2015!

- Replaced my default background to Happy New Year background for a limited time made by me. The background will restore to my default background later.

25 December 2014

- The custom maps website "" is back! Admin renewed his/her domain. You can now download custom maps from it.

22 December 2014

- Removed custom maps website "" due to the domain expired. Admin will probably renew it. If admin won't renew it, then someone hopefully creates his/her new website with custom maps to download them.

13 September 2014

- Modified template and replaced with a new background.

17 August 2014

- Released a new map "SGU_Destiny_beta1a" made by Ehrgeiz! It is now available on "Maps" page. Enjoy playing the new map!

30 June 2014

- All old and new custom maps are now at "", and it is available for link on "Maps" page.

26 June 2014

- The tutorial "How to reset game settings without Reset Controls in game" is now available on "Tutorials" page.

- Removed "CTF_Haunted_Romania_Waypoint" on "Maps" page. It will be back soon.

21 June 2014

- Removed again Flag Counter. The reason is that when you visit my website example today, it will add 1 count visitors, but when you visit it again tomorrow, it will add 2 counts but your ip is same.

- Sorry for haven't been releasing any new mods yet, but I'll continue to create them after I finish school.

09 June 2014

- Removed a fake Hit Counter (Visitors) because of the numbers will add multiple times if you always refresh the link.

- Added a new Flag Counter (Visitors but with the flag). This time it is real not fake like the old one that I posted news above. If you notice I visited this page and it added one visitor is U.A.E (me).

31 May 2014

- A very very good news to you guys. Thanks to Dylan, you can now continue to play on Nightfire after Gamespy shuts down! To continue it after Gamespy shuts down, play the Nightfire and it appears noticeably that requires you to download the newest patch (5.80) if you're playing with an old patch (5.75) or older, or every player who still playing with 1.0 version needs to download the patch 5.80 after Gamespy shuts down or else without new patch, you won't able to play with them! So, to download new patch, go to the website here, then download the patch called "007 Nightfire - Patch v5.80+" or "007 Nightfire - Patch v5.80+ LITE (For Non-English Versions or Minimal Install)", and then install it. For more description, here's the link (for continuing your server after Gamespy shuts down) or link (for the patch). Hope you guys are happy again

- Added only important or top news on guestbook to know players about it if they always like to visit my website on the guestbook page instead home page.

06 April 2014

- Bad news is that Gamespy will officially shut down on 31 May 2014 means Nightfire or any games will not able to play online as Dylan said on Noobs forum website "Gamespy is officially shutting its doors on May 31, 2014. This affects EVERYBODY. Your server browser will no longer function in game." But, he said "I am currently working with Openspy with getting Nightfire compatible with it, and it will require everyone to update to the latest client patch to continue playing the game." This is good news that everyone will require an update for continuing Nightfire after Gamespy shuts down. For more description or reply on the website, here's the link. But we don't know if he's working on it or not. If it's completely shut down that he may forget about it, then we'll have to wait to release remake of Nightfire with Source engine and I'll continue my mods on Nightfire Source if it's already dead... R.I.P Nightfire after shutting down or he completely forgets about Nightfire... Doesn't mean that I'll shut down my website too like "Nightfire is dead... Well I guess I have to shut down my website." but no I won't shut down it.

10 March 2014

- Added main "CBMI6's mods" from content "Other Mods" in "Mods" page, and released his mod called "Moonraker Shuttle" enjoy!

- Added main "[NooB] download's old treasures" from content "Other Mods" in "Mods" page. You can now download players' old mod thanks to [NooB]Fritz! 

- Added website "" in content "Quick Links". 

- Edited the "Mods" page.

  • Removed main "Halloween mods pack". 
  • "Bloody Hands!" transferred to main "Textures"
  • Removed main "Merry Christmas mods pack".
  • Removed main "Other My Mods".  It's not supposed to be called "Other My Mods", so I had to remove it
  • "CTF_Cinema Tom and Jerry screen" transferred to main "Textures".

18 February 2014

- Released a new map "SGU_Destiny_beta1" made by Ehrgeiz! It is now available on "Maps" page. Enjoy playing the new map!

- Slightly changed the background by removing the "Happy New Year 2014" and replaced an old font to new font.

03 January 2014

- Replaced music background old to new "007 Nightfire Theme Full", the classic music game.

01 January 2014

- Happy New Year!!! Today is 2014!

- Improved "News". This time it will post news forever instead when 30 news maximum, the oldest news will be deleted. And it is more different than the old "News".